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Why the Kinder Morgan Transmountain Pipeline Decision is Critical for our Future

Recently I attended the government hearings in North Vancouver on the proposed Kinder Morgan Transmountain Pipeline that is apparently close to sealing the Liberals’ and Prime Minister Trudeau’s approval. Some say it could even be ratified by the end of this year. At the hearings, I registered as number 84 on the speaker list and unfortunately they only made it to about number 40 with half an hour left. I, therefore, submitted my comments online to the panel who unfortunately are not even meant to be advising the government on the matter; rather they are just collecting opinions and […]

Is This the Most Important Article You’ll Ever Read on Climate Change?

Is this the most illuminating article you’ll ever read on climate change?

It’s an article from Google engineers Ross Koningstein and David Fork who worked together on the bold renewable energy initiative known as RE<C.

The article is fascinating on so many levels:
1. It concerns the defining subject of our time and the biggest threat to our planet: climate change
2. It explains how Google has devoted projects and resources to tackling the issue
3. The conclusions that the engineers make are both daunting and inspiring

Where are we in our battle against greenhouse gas emissions? What about carbon capture? How might Google’s 70-20-10 […]