“Andrew led my social media team and I with tact and professionalism, achieving great results in Carnaval del Sol 2016, the biggest Latin American festival in BC. He planned contests strategically that raised the profile of the festival in our online communities. As a Marketing Consultant, Andrew managed the initiatives of the social media team. With Andrew’s direction and expertise, Carnaval del Sol Facebook page achieved the best online engagement in the week of our festival (+15%) among Vancouver events.”Karina Perez, UBC Liu Institute for Global Affairs
“Andrew Charles is a highly proficient Digital Media Specialist, providing concise directions for projects, offered useful solutions for any issues and is always readily available to answer my emails.”Mika Senda, Graphic Designer at GLOBE
“Andrew Jackson was a tremendous asset to GLOBE 2014 and major factor in the success of this years event. His insights on digital media and social networking helped us to reach out to new constituencies and to bring the messages of GLOBE and GLOBE 2014 to a much wider audience. We could not have done this without his tireless efforts.”Frank Came, Managing Director, GLOBE Advisors
“Volunteering as part of ExpoPlaza Latina’s media team, led by Andrew, was a valuable, professional development experience. Andrew, clearly, has a thorough knowledge of social media strategy. I found his leadership to be both engaging and insightful.”Noel Bissonnette, Senior Communications Advisor - Multimedia, BC Pension Corporation
“Andrew led the social media team for ExpoPlaza Latina. He strongly connects to the mission of sustainability. He thoroughly knows all the potential channels in social media, and he thinks strategically and innovatively about how to maximize their use for his clients. He works collaboratively, thinks creatively, and an organization looking to better engage with citizens or customers via social media would be lucky to get him. I have no hesitation in recommending him.”Lisa Mighton, Education & Communications Specialist, WWDPI
“Andrew is a force of nature, when he joined LatinCouver, he created a strategy, took a concept, built a team, and put together a one-of-a-kind event. He makes things happen. I admire his ability to organize everything and network using all the social media tools that are out there. His contributions to Latincouver were all super positive and also contagious to the team. I highly recommend him and I look forward to work with him in other projects.”Norma Iberra, Digital Marketer & Photographer
“Andrew without doubt is the most creative flexibly minded engineer I have ever come across. He is phenomenally adept at adjusting to different environments, at adapting, at extending and expanding his existing skill set to embrace a whole new expression. Warm, funny and personable. A gift to any work environment”Dawna Jones, InSight Out Consulting
“I highly recommend Andrew for any type of educational writing work. He is highly efficient at grasping unfamiliar content and clearly communicating it. His experience in learning definitely provides him with the ability to grasp how to structure content in a way that supports the learning path. Andrew was able to provide insightful comments and additional content because of his desire to achieve more for the project. I would certainly work with Andrew again in a similar capacity.”Carolyn Levy, Learning Design Consultant, Canadian Bar Association - Ontario
“Andrew has a wealth of knowledge on social media strategy and helped ExpoPlaza reach great success for its inaugural event. With Andrew’s direction and expertise, ExpoPlaza was able to connect with it’s sponsors, attendees, and speakers prior to and on the day of the event through various social media outlets. He was creative in suggesting ways to create an online platform for discussion which proved to be successful. If you’re looking for a social media director, Andrew is the guy you need!”Dulce Nunez, Product & SEO Consultant, PatientPop Inc.
“Andrew was hired by Voxdialog as a social media expert to help write the Social Media Metrics course for UBC Continuing Studies. With guidance, he produced over 20,000 words across 5 modules to high levels of quality and content on time. The client loved him and he did a great job. I would not hesitate to partner with him again.”Nikolas Badminton, Futurist Speaker
“Andrew is a highly motivated, dedicated and knowledgeable person, which a keen eye for innovative solutions to problems. He is eager to assist other in his areas of expertise which include, but not limited to, management of change and information systems management.
I highly recommend Andrew for being one of the best additions a team can ever hope for.”Ioannis Belouris, Management & IS Consultant
“I had the opportunity to spend almost a year studying with Andrew at Lancaster University. I can affirm that he had such an interesting personality, focused on solve problems in an effective manner. He has the ability to simplify complex questions in order to find solutions that are practical and consistent.”Allan Costa, Co-Founder, AAA Plataforma de Inovação