Project Description

BCCIE Conference Speaker (2015) & BCCIE Mentorship Program (2015-2016)

About the British Columbia Council for International Education (BCCIE)

The BCCIE is a crown corporation that promotes the interests of BC’s public and private education institutions abroad. This includes schools, colleges and universities including K-12, undergraduate, postgraduate and language programs.

BCCIE is concerned with internationalization, sharing best practices, developing relationships, market support and providing opportunities for professional development.

The BCCIE Mission

BCCIE supports all participants in BC’s International Education sector and the provincial government to advance the International Education interests of the Province of British Columbia.

The BCCIE Vision

To profile British Columbia as the education destination of choice for learners from around the globe and to promote global citizenry and internationalization at all levels in BC’s education system.

The BCCIE Summer Conference | Summer Seminar

Every year, the BCCIE hosts a summer conference for 3 days for around 500 delegates. In 2015, I was invited to speak about the rise of community marketing at the conference held at the Fairmont Chateau Whistler Resort with Mr Boris Remes, who was then the Assistant Director of Admissions at Bodwell High School. Below are our slides for the conference:

Our session was awarded top marks in surveys of attendees. For more information about the 2015 Summer Seminar, please click here.

I also wrote a blog article to help explain the slides shared above, and that can be found here: The Rise of Community Marketing in International Education

and one of the attendees, Mr. Joseph Watson McKay asked if I would be his mentor in the m

The BCCIE Mentorship Program

One of the attendees to my conference presentation, Mr. Joseph Watson-MacKay, asked if I would join the mentorship program as his mentor. Joseph was at that time the President of the Kwantlem Polytechnic University Marketing Association (KPUMA) and is a very professional and talented individual.

The BCCIE Mentorship Program runs yearly and partners up an experienced professional in the BC educational field with someone who is just starting their career. It is a very worthwhile, fun, engaging and rewarding program. Throughout the year Joseph and I met many times to share insights, ideas and experiences of work in education at Bodwell High School and KPU. We also took part in a workshop held in Vancouver and a video interview at the BCCIE 2016 conference at the Fairmont Empress in Victoria, which you can see below.

Role, Results & Achievements

I’m very proud that our conference presentation was very successful in terms of feedback achieving a near perfect score. However, the experience mentoring Joseph was arguably more meaningful. This was because I was able to develop a human connection with the younger generation and pass on some knowledge. The ultimate goal should be that the new generation coming through is more talented and prepared than the last. Otherwise I don’t really see the point unless we pass on what we learn to them. I’m a firm believer in the abundant mindset rather than the scarcity mindset. We learn and develop more when we share knowledge and connect with others rather than keeping what we know to ourselves.

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