Project Description

IT Manager – Marketing & Community (2014-2016) & Communications Manager (2016-2017)

About Bodwell

Bodwell High School is a private boarding school for boys and girls in beautiful North Vancouver, Canada. It offers grades 8 to 12 and university preparation. The school’s international student population comes from over 45 different countries. Its slogans are ‘Strength in Diversity’ and ‘Education for a Changing World.’

Role, Results & Achievements

I was hired as a digital marketing consultant on a contract basis at Bodwell in May 2014. One of my recommendations was to hire a full-time digital marketing manager, who eventually ended up being me.

During my 3 years at Bodwell in full-time roles, the school went through a massive expansion. The number of boarding students increased from around 450 to 600+. The school capacity is now close to 700 students.

When I left Bodwell, the school had record enrollment for the next two semesters. The summer program was also recruiting between 400-500 students for its 6 week program at UBC, UVic and Quest University.

During my time at the school we won several marketing awards including:

-ST Star High School for 2014 & 2015
-BCCIE Special Achievement in International Marketing in 2015

As Communications Manager, I was responsible for content to use in digital marketing and communications. This included videos, blogs, newsletters and photography. Some content was created in-house by myself and the marketing team. Other times, content was created by the wider school community, including staff or students. Sometimes, we would outsource or contract third party professionals to create it.