Project Description

CYBF Mentorship Program (2013-2016)

About the Canadian Youth Business Foundation (CYBF) Now rebranded as Futurpreneur

The CYBF helps young Canadians aged 18-39 get financing and mentorship to start a new business. They also provide support materials, training, workshops and a support community to better help prepare young Canadians to be a success with their business.

It was previously known as the CYBF but has now been rebranded to Futurpreneur.



WildSide Adventure Tours Mentorship 

I was asked to become a mentor in 2013 by two budding entrepreneurs, Mr Brahm Candy and Mr Ira Thomson. They had just set up a new adventure tourism company, called WildSide Adventures, aimed at running surfing trips to Tofino and rafting trips to Lytton. Brahm and Ira wanted to promote the company mainly through social media so I was asked to help out with their strategy.

The Famous WildSide Adventures Tour Bus

The famous WildSide Adventures tour bus on a trip to Lytton for rafting in May 2013.

Role, Results & Achievements

Unfortunately, WildSide is no longer in operation. They did try their hand at beer tours after changing their business model to catch a ride on the new micro-brewery craze in Vancouver and BC. However, eventually they sold their business and beloved bus to disband their partnership. Brahm and Ira continue to be budding entrepreneurs and I’m still in contact with them both as friends.

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