Project Description

Management Consultant & Event Organizer (2013-2014)

About ExpoPlaza Latina

ExpoPlaza Latina was Western Canada’s first dedicated Latin American business conference. It took place at Simon Fraser University Harbour Centre on February 7th, 2013. It was hosted by Latincouver, the Latin American business and cultural organization in Vancouver and BC. The main theme was sustainable economic development in Latin America with a focus on clean tech, mining and construction.

Role, Results & Achievements

The conference consisted of 29 speakers, 27 partners/sponsors, 15 exhibitors, 4 expert panel discussions, 600 attendees & VIPs including consuls of 8 American countries. This was impressive since Latincouver had a small budget for such an ambitious first conference. The event was organized by a team of  passionate volunteers.

My role for the event was as one of the three key event organizers and head of the digital media and technology team. I created an event plan with aligned goals and activities for the Latincouver team and board of directors. I was responsible for all online promotion of the conference. This included setting up and promoting the ExpoPlaza social media channels. The key tools used to promote the event online were email marketing, blogging, Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, SlideShare and Vimeo. In addition, I also arranged some of the key presenters for the day using my professional network on LinkedIn. I even brought in speakers from as far as Curitiba, Brazil.

I was head of the technology team for the day of the conference. This included logistics, equipment, managing the live social media content team and putting together the many slides for the event.

See the report below that I presented to the Latincouver team about our online digital engagement: