Project Description

Digital Media Specialist (2013-2014)

About GLOBE Series

GLOBE 2014 was the 13th biennial conference in Vancouver on the business of the environment. The GLOBE Series is a unique event that has both a conference with 3 days’ worth of in-depth presentations and speaker panels. It also includes a trade show for clean technology. It’s a massive event with over 9,000 participants, including 1,800 conference attendees and 650 CEOs and Presidents.

GLOBE 2014 Fast Facts

  • 9,000+ Total Participants
  • 3,100 Participating Organizations
  • 1,800 Conference Participants
  • 650 Attending CEOs & Presidents
  • 400 Exhibiting Companies
  • 220 Media
  • 157 Conference Speakers
  • 58 Countries Represented

As well as the high profile nature of participants, GLOBE is the longest running environmental business event in North America. It is cross-sectoral in that not just energy or technology companies attend. It also has a massive international scope with over 20 countries represented on the trade floor alone.

Role, Results & Achievements

GLOBE 2014 was a great success. The event had some world-leading speakers such as Amory Lovins (Chief Scientist of the Rocky Mountain Institute), Robert F. Kennedy Jr. (environmental activist and attorney), and Lyndon Rive (CEO of SolarCity, and cousin of Elon Musk). The event was opened by high profile BC politicians, Gregor Robertson (Vancouver Mayor), Christy Clark (BC Premier), as well as Jim Balsillie (Blackberry Co-founder).

My role focused on building up GLOBE’s online communities in order to increase delegate sales, improve awareness for future events and engage fans/followers. As digital media specialist, I also ran online advertising campaigns through Google Adwords and monitored/analyzed a campaign run by AOL/

When I started working at GLOBE, I performed an audit of GLOBE’s current online marketing channels, to compare with competitor events and formulated a digital media marketing plan.

#GLOBE2014 Hashtag By the Numbers

On Wednesday 26th March 2014 #GLOBE2014 was a trending topic on Twitter in Toronto and Vancouver

Social media marketing was a big portion of my responsibilities. I assumed the role of community manager, content creator and listening analyst for the GLOBE Series main marketing channels: LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, SlideShare and Facebook.

Looking at the numbers, the event created a huge impact on Twitter. The main hashtags of #GLOBE2014 and #RFKGLOBE became trending topics in Vancouver and Toronto on Wednesday March 26, 2014. In addition, there were over 62,000 tweets that mentioned #GLOBE2014 during the 3 days of the event.

There was also great success in building up GLOBE’s LinkedIn group from around 350 members to an active community of around 3,000.