Project Description

Marketing Director (2013-2014)

About H+Technology

H+Technology creates customizable interactive 3D projection displays. Some of their past and current clients include UBC, Jugo Juice, YVR, CDM, Procon and Ronald McDonald House. The H+ mission is to humanize technology, so that technology adapts to human behaviour and not vice versa. The H+slogan is ‘Let’s Create the Future.’

Role, Results & Achievements

During my time at H+, we installed the Magic Room at Ronald McDonald House. The Magic Room is a fully immersive environment for sick kids to play and have adventures. It features a 3D host, screen projection, and NFC object detection and interaction.

Read this article from the HuffPost on the Magic Room.

My role at H+ was to focus on business development, partnerships, product lines, B2B & B2C sales, events, promotion and recruitment.

The first thing I did when I arrived at H+ was to analyze the technology and the website. This resulted in streamlining the products into four particular lines. As well as helping with the design, layout and copy of the website, I set up and promoted the company through social media. These channels included Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Vimeo, Pinterest, Instagram, Google+, LinkedIn and SoundCloud.

I was the main writer for the blog with an aim to promote interesting technological developments in the human-computer-interaction (HCI) field. We featured partners and interesting new tech initiatives. We also hosted interviews/podcasts to supplement these activities.

Hiatus & Return

After a break of around 8 months to work on other projects, I rejoined the H+team in May 2014. The company had expanded quite rapidly so that the team increased from 3 to 13 employees. I put on my HR hat and recruited two key team members to the marketing department.

My role as Marketing Director now included developing wider marketing and sales strategies to foster business development, HR & recruitment, and market research. I created marketing plans that featured a combination of online and offline marketing activities in order to achieve B2B and B2C sales goals.

I left H+ due to the volatility of the start-up lifestyle and the draw of working on more convenient projects closer to home. This was before H+ launched their controversial Kickstarter campaign in order to sell their B2C product, the Holus. They raised nearly $300,000 in pre-order sales on Kickstarter.